The Warranty on Railsavertape


First of all you got the PayPal Warranty

If you pay via PayPal you get your money back via PayPal, if the delivery will take too long or it doesn’t arrive at all!

As well you got a warranty through us

If you are not satisfied or got a faulty product, don’t worry, you can return our products within 30 days. If there still new and unused you can return the product and we will give you the money back. As sad the product needs to be new and in the original packaging. After 30 days of arrival of our product at your address you can’t return the product anymore.

You need to take care of the shipping costs and we recommend to send the product with some kind of tracking possibility the responsibility that the product arrives at is in your hands.

Faulty Products

We ourselves produce and manufacture and pack the product and we are working hard on a 100% customer satisfaction, but sometimes things can go wrong. And of cause we will exchange that product free of charge thats for sure!

Application to your Board

please pay attention to our user manual in the package and in the internet. Apply alway to a clean smooth surface.

Return voucher

To return any of our products please use the return voucher that we send in the original packaging. So we know from who it is and why you send it back.

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