How to use Railsaver

how to apply RST

How to use Railsaver:

Where and how to use Railsaver? On almost any board used for water sports Railsaver finds its usage. If it's a Surf Board or SUP Board or Windsurf Board we got the right tape with the right measurements. If you got any questions or speciall requirements regarding design or measurements please don't hesitate to contact us. We help you to find the right tape for you or do a custom Railsavertape just for you.

How do I know if the measurements of the Railsaver fit to my board? After a long period of tests we came up with that ideal measurement for almost any board. And we are constantly adding new products. Soon we will come up with a shorter messurment for the SUP Surf Boards and with a longer one for all that race boards longer then 11'. As you can see we are trying to have a tape for almost any board. And of course there are the custom option!

Additionally The SUP Railsavertape fits as well the Wind Surf Boards. 

We develop and produce our products without exception in Germany

How to use Railsaver Tape on your board?

We tooked care to keep that as simple as possible. In doubt please watch our video how to apply  RST. Ist easy as pie and how you can see in the vid you don't need any precognition. You just need to let the adhesive to cure about 12h before you go with your board back into the water

The removal of the RST is a bit more challenging, but with a normal hairdryer to apply some heat to the tape this is easy as well.

Is there any possibility to add your own design to the tape? Of course there is! We do as well your own design or Logo if you got your own SUP Shop or Rental or School, just call or sent us an e-mail.


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