SUP Board Rail Saver Tape

Our SUP Board Rail Saver Tape,

the SUP Board Rail Saver Tape is that tape to protect your SUP board rails.

It doesn’t matter if its a beach with a lot of stones or a reef break or if you load or unload your board to the roof of your car, the board rails are protected!

Even if you get a Ding on the rails in most cases the water won’t penetrate your SUP board!

The surf board Rail saver Tape is specially developed for Surf Boards. It has the same durability like the rails saver tape for Surf or kite boards and has the ideal measurements for SUP boards. It comes in the ideal length for your board. Soon we will offer a shorter length for wave boards and a longer length and wider Tape for race boards.

Its surface texture will affect the plane performance of your board positively.

now available in the  stokedforlife online store.

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