Kite Board Rail Saver Tape

The Kite Board Rail Saver Tape,

our Kite Board Rail Saver Tape will save guard your  Directional/Surf Kite Board Rails.

If it’s the stones, the reef break the Kite Board Rail Saver Tape will protect the rails of your Board.

Even if you unload or load the roof of your car or stuff the board inside of your car, the rails of your kite board are protected.

And if you get a ding on your rails, by a stone or anything under the water or on the beach, you won’t get any water inside of your board because the tape will keep the water out!

It doesn’t matter if there is a stone or rock in your way or if you land your jump badly….

The kite board rail saver tape is specially developed for your directional kite board.

It is of the same quality and durability like our rail saver tape for SUP boards, its just a bit more narrow and shorter and its surface texture will affect the plane performance of your board positively.

now available in the  stokedforlife online store.

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