Stand Up Paddle Board Rail Saver Tape Product Features

The Stand Up Paddle Board Rail Saver Tape is the perfect tape to protect your Stand Up Paddle Board board rails.

It doesn't matter if its a beach with lots of stones or a reef break or if you load or unload your board to the roof of your car, the board rails are protected!

Even if you get a Ding on the rails in most cases the water won't penetrate your SUP board!

The Stand Up Paddle Board Rail Saver Tape is specially developed for SUP boards. It has the same durability like the rails saver tape for surf or kite boards and has the ideal measurements for Stand Up Paddle boards. It comes in the ideal length for your board. Soon we will offer a range of length for different boards sizes and shapes.

Its surface texture will affect the plane performance of your board positively.

Now available in the  stokedforlife online store.

Product features:

  • The Stand Up Paddle Rail Saver Tape is as well suitable for windsurf boards.
  • 4 different transparent colors to choose from clear, transparent, and with our Railsavertape logo printed.
  • Self adhesive tape.
  • Blends perfectly in with the color of your board.
  • Every set contains 2 tapes of 190cm length and 6cm of width. The surface of the tape is very much low friction and will protect your board from bashes impacts and scratches with a minimum on weight.
  • Never ever scratches from stones or any other obstacles on the way to and from the water, even if you get a ding on the rail the tape will help to keep the water out.
  • The railsavertape is very easy to apply.
  • Our Rail Saver Tape is UV resisted and with a clear transparent adhesive.
  • Made and designed in Germany and stands for guaranteed quality and durability.
  • We ship Railsavertape from here worldwide.
  • 100% of it's packaging is recyclable. 

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