Race Board RailSaverTape Set

Race Board RailSaverTape

Together with our Team Ridern we developed the first Race Board RailSaverTape Set for SUP 's on the Market.

With this set of 4 you protect as well the front or nose section of your board. Specially on turns around boy's an on the catch phase of your stroke is the bow or nose of your board easily scratched.

with this Rail Saver Tape especially for your race SUP board you will avoid this.

the complete  RST Race Board Rail Saver Tape kit contains 4 parts:

  • 2x 2000mm long and 87mm wide Railsaver and
  • 2x 500mm long und 87mm wide Railsaver for your nose section of your board


The Race Board RailSaverTape Set:

with this Rail Saver Tape especially developed for your Race SUP Board

you have the choice of purchasing either the complete set or just parts like shown below:

  • Front Railsaver: 2x 500mm long and 87mm wide Railsaver for your nose section





Product specs Race Board SUP RailSaverTape:


  • easy to apply.
  • one kite always containst 2 Railsaver one for the left and one for the right side of your board.
  • Package contains always:  2 Rail Saver oor 2 Rail Saver and 2 Front section railsaver.
  • Railsaver Tape offers this set to a very good price!
  • the Tape most likely more durable as your board.
  • UV resistant.
  • easily removed without residue ( as shown in the manual).
  • Made & Designed in Germany.


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